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  • 240, Navsari Bldg., 2nd Floor, Above ICICI Bank,
    Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400 001
  • Become a support
    for those who in need

    To Educate, feed and Accomodate
  • Let Humanity be the force driving your life

    To provide service to make the world happy.

Want to join Red Swastik as a volunteer and make a difference?

Who We Are

Red Swastik Society is a non sectarian, non political, non profit, selfless movement, intends to work towards improving the spiritual, mental and physical health of human beings.
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Our Mission

To provides surgical, pharmaceuticals, fixtures, appliances, instruments and necessary garments, etc., to hospitals and health institutions.
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Our Vision

To provide a holistic approach for the service of humanity without any discrimination of caste, creed, belief, faith, race, colour, language, religion and nationality;
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Organizes health camps as primary field of work and as Secondary field of work we involve in Environment protection and finally in Community Development and Service
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Events Nearly

Red Swastik as a dynamic organization, keep on interfering in the society around it and where ever a requirement service is found immediately try to address it through various means. Thousands of such dedicated members and ever growing list of our branches makes everyday eventful. They are worth sharing online to spread the energy and generate motivations for many other initiatives.

14th Anniversary 2015

Anniversary 2015


13th Anniversary 2014

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there li...

Our Project


  • Membership Card:

    For identification purpose every member of the society shall be issued a specification Membership Card by the Managing Director or by any officer duly authorized by the Governing Council.

  • Voter’s List:

    Governing Council shall provide a list of members of all categories from the membership register to the respective District Board for the purpose of election of District Board and such list shall be treated as voter’s list of respective District.