Red Swastik Society


It is a non sectarian, non political, non profit, selfless movement, intends to work towards improving the spiritual, mental and physical health of human beings.


To provide a holistic approach for the service of humanity without any discrimination of caste, creed, belief, faith, race, colour, language, religion and nationality;

To provide methodology for awakening of the inherent dignity in an individual for the common good of humanity and world peace;

To provide the basic infrastructure and emotional strength to face the calamities in life.

Fields of work

  • Primary field of work: Health & Medicine organizes health camps
  • Secondary field of work: Environment
  • Tertiary field of work: Community Development and Service

Services at Glance

Provided health services during Mega events Kumbha Mela through make shift camps-

  • Sinhasta-Nashik in year 2003 to 2,10,098 pilgrims;
  • Ujjain in year 2004  to 4,00,905 pilgrims;
  • Haridwar in year 2010 to 3,42,000 pilgrims;
  • Maha Kumbha Mela at Prayag (Allhabad) in Year 2013 to 5,25,000 pilgrims.
  • Sinhastha Kumbh-Mela 2015 (Nashik) to 150000 pilgrims

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  • Provides 3 ambulances and Doctors every year for Pandharpur Wari from Pune to Pandharpur with Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi  & provided services to 6,83,379 warkaries by Pune branch and Paithan to Pandharpur with Sant Eknath Maharaj Palkhi by Aurangabad branch and provided health services to 1,27,475 warkaries till 2016.
  • Assists in cataract, squint eyes operations & checkups and operations.
  • Provides artificial limbs & calipers.
  • Organizes awareness camps on cancer, AIDS, T.B. & blood disorders.
  • Provides financial assistance for heart operations.
  • Assists in plastic, cosmetic, limbs & minor surgery for burns.
  • Works for Special Children / Down Syndrome.
  • Trains Volunteers for Disaster Management.
  • Provided 13 ambulance on major Railway Stations of Mumbai city to reach out the victim of the accident on Railways – attended 12,232  calls, saved 7586 lives and helped in shifting 3,638 dead bodies.
  • Provided 5 ambulance services on NH3 & NH8 – Highways and attended 1627 calls, saved 2831 lives and helped in shifting 279 dead bodies.
  • Provded ambulance and health services during floods in Mumbai (2005) – 1,11,842,  Gujarat (2006) – 8,346 & Bihar (2010) – 4,00,000 Floods.
  • In 2005 provided health services and assistance to the 15,942 – Tsunami affected families and built two school buildings at Nagapattinam distt. of Tamilnadu for Tsunami affected children with the help of CAMA – Chemical and Alkali’s Merchants Association, Mumbai through Shri NBH Kulkarni and Natrajan Damyanti School of Nagapattinam, TN.

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