Nakula Award

Nakula Award Rs.10,000/-

This award is given in the memory of epic hero Nakula (one of the Pandwas) for this contribution in this Veterinary Science (animal services). It caries cash award of Rs.10,000 with memento & certificate of achievements

The following individuals are the recipients of this award :

2003 The Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Mumbai
2004 Dr. (Vet) Shri. Arun Bhokre, Dean, Govt. Veterinary College, Mumbai.
2007 M/s. Karuna Charitable Trust, Mumbai
2008 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Pune
2010 Smt. Maneka Gandhi, M.P.
2011 Beauty Without Curelty, India, Pune
2013 Prof.  Aditya Kumar MisraVice Chancellor, Maharashtra Animal and Fishery Sciences University
2014 Dr. Chaitanya H. Pawshe,MVSc.,PhD,PDF (USA), FISSAR, BOYSCAST Fellow   Associate Professor  (ARGO) & In Charge Stem Cell Laboratory, Bombay Veterinary Collage, Mumbai
2015 Blue Cross Society of Pune, for Outstanding Work and Selfless Services in the Field of Veterinary Science.
2016 Insaf Foundation, Services in the Field of Veterinary Science.
2017 Smt Kusumben Ruparel, for selfless service in abandoned helpless injured birds and animals in Mumbai