Sarthee Award


Sarthee Award Rs. 5,000/- 

This Award is given to the member of Red Swastik Society who administers and navigates the Branch/Projects for optimization of social activities in the area and also this award is given to the driver(s) of the Public Transport System for his/her unblemished outstanding record. It carries cash award of Rs. 5,000/- with memento & certificate of achievements.

The following individuals are the recipients of this Award:

2003 Dr. Shri. Kailash Sachdeo, Director Project, Red Swastik Society, ParbhaniShri. Ashok Kumar Thakur, Red Swastik Society, ASHA Project
2004 Shri. Ashok Shinde, Red Swastik Society, JalgaonShri. Brajendra Tiwari, Red Swastik Society, ASHA Project
2005 Shri. Sanjay Jadhav, Mulund Depot, Driver, B.E.S.T. Mumbai
2006 Shri. Maruti P. Katkar, MSRTC Driver, Mumbai
2007 Smt. Surekha  Yadav, First Lady Motorman, Central Railway, MumbaiDr. Shri. N. B. Chhajed , Mumbai

Shri. Mahanand  More, Field Manager, Red Swastik Sociiety, HQtrs, Mumbai

2008 Shri. Mahendra J. Patel, Vice-President, MumbaiShri. Praveen Deshmukh, Ambulance Driver of AAA-1298, Mumbai
2009 Shri. Mahendra J. Patel, Vice-President, Red Swastik Society (Eastern) Mumbai
2010 Shri. Mahendra J. Patel, Vice-President, Red Swastik Society (Eastern) Mumbai
2011 Shri Bhagwan Raut, Chief Co-ordinator, Red Swastik Society of Aurangabad
2012 Shri Sidhramappa Sahebanna Shivsharan (Shivanna) , Shivalaya Project, Kalyan
Dr. Shri.  Girish S. Latke , Shivalaya Project, Kalyan of Red Swastik Society
2013 Dr. R. C. Mishra, President, Red Swastik Society, (Prayag Allahabad) Branch.
2014 Shri. Jagannath Garat, Secretary,Red Swastik Society, Nagpur Branch.
2015 Shri Chetan Patel, President, Red Swastik Society – Nashik
2016 Shri Narayan Untawale, President, Red Swastik Society – Sangli
2017 Shri Ananda Salunkhe, Chaligaon, for your exemplary and outstanding contribution for the social and charitable aspects.