ATMA – Assistance to Tribals of Melghat Amravati Dist

Project objectives:

  • Reduction of morbidity in tribal children.
  • Reduction of Pre-natal, Neo-natal, Infant and Child mortality in tribal children.
  • To cover high-risk children under health and package and ensure Child Survival.
  • Reduction in Maternal Mortality and to ensure Safe Motherhood.
  • To make available treatment and timely referral to sick children.
  • To create sense of responsible parenthood in tribal’s.
  • To undertake Preventive measures in health point of view.
  • To ensure 100% immunization and health checkup of pregnant woman.
  • To strengthen Antenatal, Natal and post-natal services.
  • To undertake effective I.E.C. (Information, Education Communication)
  • To ensure community participation in health aspects and to develop self-help attitude, etc.

Project Area: A cluster of 25 tribal villages, having reported maximum deaths.

Period of Project: Every year – 4 month July to September – the intensity period.

Beneficiaries: Male/Female, Children – 8711